Woodie MyTouch 3G Fender

I think it is a pretty cool phone, but doesn’t the Limited Edition MyTouch 3G Fender Phone remind you of the fake Woodie Station Wagons from the late 1970’s?

Also, I think the tag line in their commercial…  “It’s not only a great phone, it’s a collector’s item”  is a little odd.  A collector’s item??  Somehow I don’t think you’ll have too many people keeping these in their original packaging and putting them on the shelf.

Leaked Nexus One Documents

Gizmodo has some leaked web pages showing that the Nexus One will cost $530 unlocked or $180 with a T-Mobile plan.  The $180 seems pretty resonable, except it’s only for a $79 per month Even More plan that’s a 2-year contract.  The worst part is that you’re SOL if you have the family plan or any other “special” plan.  Ouch.  Well, I guess I’m not getting one anytime soon.  Too bad, it looks like it’s going to be the Killer Android phone.  Checkout Gizmodo for more info:

 The leaked docs also offer the following tidbits:

• Yeah, it’s $530 unsubsidized. Google’s not going to be selling the phone at cost, like so many people considered. They’re not going to save us from the “making money off of hardware” culture we’ve got right now, so this is basically just another Android handset, albeit a really good one
• If you want it subsidized, you’ll have to sign up for a 2 year mandatory contract
• There’s only one rate plan: $39.99 Even More + Text + Web for $79.99 total
• Existing customers cannot keep their plan if they want a subsidized phone; they have to change to the one plan, and this only applies to accounts with one single line
• If that doesn’t fly with you, you have to buy the $530 unlocked version—this actually might save you money over two years if you already have a cheap plan
• Family plans, Flexpay, SmartAccess and KidConnect subscribers must buy the phone unlocked and unsubsidized for $530
• You can only buy five Nexus One phones per Google account
• There is language in the agreement of shipping outside the US
• Google will sell it at google.com/phone, which explains what they were doing with that page a few weeks ago
• Google will still call it the Nexus One apparently, and not the Google Phone