Froyo for Galaxy S Spotted here first

If  you had an eagle eye and watched the Latest Posts here for Linpack, you would have seen the GT-i9000 posted a Linpack score on 26 Aug.  This was before it was announced a couple of days ago as being leaked and in the wild.  See:

Now the score that day was 13.415, which not what I was hoping.  I have a Vibrant and I would like to see a number like the Nexus One or Droid Incredible.  It’s still better than the 8s that I have been getting.

I’m more interested in getting the GPS and compass fix first.

Also, if you looked at the smdkc110 (Samsung Development Kit), you’ll see that it is running a GT-I9000 ROM too.  The best score there is 20.7, so hopefully they have some more tweaking to do.

Android 2.2 Leads

Android 2.2 (FroYo) took the Linpack lead for the most runs this last week. According to my analytics, Android 2.2 was used 43.1% of the time. Android 2.1-update1, the previous leader was used 39.8% of the time.  So what was used for the rest of the 17% of the time?  How about 158 other ROMs!  That is a lot of variety to choose. 

Mixed in with the lot is some curious ROMs; Android 3.0, Android 3.0.1 and Android 3.2

Google I/O 2010 included Linpack

I have been looking thru some of the Google I/O videos from the conference when I saw a mention of Linpack in the talk about “A JIT Compiler for Android’s Dalvik VM”.  Check out the video and keep a lookout at 24:27 mark.

A JIT Compiler for Android\’s Dalvik VM

Lots of attention for Linpack for Android

Thanks to AndroidPolice, there has been a ten fold increase in Linpack runs and views of this website.  I’ve also spotted over 400 news articles and blogs that show pictures and links back to here.  Thanks for all the attention.

It’s interesting to see all furor for Android 2.2 showing up now.  Regulars to this website are sure to remember the Top 10 postings of FroYo back on March 15th.  I’m sure the upcoming Google I/O has generated lots of the interest, but it really came down to the AndroidPolice post showing the image of Linpack running on Android 2.2 powered Nexus One.  Checkout AndroidPolice for their full article.  I liked their last line, “These mysterious numbers from the Linpack Top 10 don’t look so fake anymore now, do they?”

I also checked on some tracking info that shows how many times Android 2.2 has ran recently:

The first time Android 2.2 shows up was 22 March for only one run, then not again until 15 April.  Before that it was showing up as FroYo.  Today, the number of runs exploded to 28 sessions.   It looks like Android 2.2 will soon be coming to a device near you.

HTC Incredible Linpack Runs

I missed the first posting on 22 April, but yesterday and today there were several postings of Linpack runs for ADR6300.  This is the HTC Incredible that supposed to arrive on Thursday.  Looks like some workers at the Verizon store had to check out the speed of the new phone.  It scored pretty well for a stock Android phone with a current high score of 7.058 MFLOPS.  The phone also posted with the following info: 998.4MHz verizon/inc/inc/inc:2.1-update1/ERE27/161493:user/release-keys

It looks like the stock clock setting is running a little faster for this device than previous HTC devices.  I wonder what the overclockers can do?