Since this is a website called GreeneComputing, I thought I ought to have something related to “green” computing.  So, I did find this interesting account at OhGizmo of a new battery charger that gets it’s power from capturing WiFi signals. It’s from RCA and it’s called the Airnergy Charger. “The Airnergy has a battery inside it, so you can just carry it around and as long as you’re near some WiFi, it charges itself. Unlike a solar charger, it works at night and you can keep it in your pocket. Of course, proximity to the WiFi source and the number of WiFi sources is important, but at the rate it charges, if you have a home wireless network you could probably just leave anywhere in your house overnight and it would be pretty close to full in the morning.”


Sounds pretty darn cool to me and it’s supposed to cost around $40.